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Member Information Pack
A few years back we realised that we were sending out an increasing amount of information - nearly every newsletter was carrying an insert of some sort or another. How to manage all this? For a start many of us have trouble absorbing information (actually, remembering where we left it would be a good start!) To help with this we now send out indexed ring binders, with the information catalogued within, to every new member on joining the group. The idea is that the info can be used for reference as and when needed and that updates can be added as they are produced.

Here is what the pack contains at present – we can’t give access to things containing member details on this part of the site (but members can access them via the member area) and of course we can’t give access to copyrighted material, but everything else we are happy to share!


  • General information
  • Library list
  • Contact list (for list members only)





  • Action for ME’s “Guide to Controlling Symptoms”
  • NICE guidelines booklets

We have an extensive (and growing!) collection of books, pamphlets, video tapes, CDs and audio tapes available for loan to members. Everything is sent by post to members’ homes - we pay postage out, members the return postage. Looking for something in particular? Check out our library list to see if we have it.

Library list

Benefits information
Since 2005 the Network has been a member of the welfare rights organisation Benefits and Work which means our members can use their really clear and helpful guides to all aspects of claiming benefits and moving between benefits and work. It can be hard to keep up with changes in legislation in this area; one of the great advantages of our membership is that the guides are continually updated so we know we are always getting the most current advice.

Subjects include:

- Filling in Incapacity Benefit forms
- Filling in Disability Allowance forms
- Filling in Attendance Allowance forms (over 65s)
- What happens at a medical and the questions that may be asked
- Appealing a decision
- Permitted and voluntary work
- The Disability Discrimination Act

These guides are produced by Steve Donnison, who some may remember as the author of the (now out-of-date) Barton Hill Advice Service guides, and Holliday Whitehead, a barrister. The guides are available to members by email, or in printed form from our library.

We also now have some records of members’ experience of medicals and appeals which we can send to others to help them prepare for their own (members can access these via the member area of the site), and have produced a guide to finding an advocate in north London for a benefits appeal.

Advocate guide

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