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Some of us have taken a while to come round to joining a support group but, contrary to popular preconceptions we don’t spend our entire time together moaning about our health! It can come as a relief to realise that other “normal” people get M.E/C.F.S too and to meet those who don’t judge you for your illness. Because of the nature of M.E. it is often other people with the condition who can understand and empathise (as opposed to sympathise) with your situation. For a number of us joining the group has marked a new level of healthy self-acceptance.

Our membership fee is £7 per year. To make things easier for us, annual membership runs from the first of January every year, so no matter when in the year someone joins their membership will run to 31st December of that year. To make things easier for you, we halve the membership fee, to £3.50, if you join July to December. Unfortunately we don’t have any method of taking payment over the internet so, if you would like to join, please print out the membership form, fill it in and send it, with a cheque, to our secretary at the address on the form.

Click here for a membership form and then print out the page. The form is also available as a PDF file from here.

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